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I had a ticket to fly so I boarded a plane When a combat dressed stewardesse shouted my name I'm wanted alive yeah! I'm in for a trial It's minimum mercy coz they found my file Hijacked, kidnapped, trailed and trapped They fly me in I'm gonna pay for all of my sins - now it begins Yeah! I've found place where girls eat men Now I'm back in girl nation again Girl nation Female civilization Girl nation Female civilization It's a female tale it's hard to use words But I'm landed and stranded among oysters & birds Bad bush & dangerous curves bad boys get what they deserves Wild sisters dancing all night Round that totem With a knife to my throat Round that totem Yeah! They're chanting the oath Singing 'bout mama all through the night round that totem of the red light In girl nation Female civilization Girl nation Female civilization In girl nation by interstellar navigation And sweet female persuasion Globetrotting to ladyland Back where time began One wild second then I was down One full circle they stood all around Counting my bones waiting to be dead When a soft loving hand lifted my head Tender lips kissing my chin, whispering: - Honey, where have you been? In girl nation Totem of the red light Female civilization In girl nation Totem of the red light It's a female civilization Girl nation Totem of the red light By interstellar navigation & sweet female persuasion Globetrotting through ladyland - back where time began In girl nation ...

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