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There's a fine line between to use and to spend There's a fine line between being important and impotent Pull off my pants, lean against the wall Roll my eyes; I cannot come at all.. As common as - a long stretched limousine As common as - a glossy magazine As common as - the places I've been seen As common as - as common as A 1000 nights a 1000 days Are bitter pills time can't erase When I'll be able to walk, and not scare anyone When no news is bad news, if that day will ever come As common as ... As heavy as bad luck, as cold as snow As common as: A T.V. show The way of getting the fame The money, and the girl As common as - the way you want the world! As common as...

Melodia versuri cuvinte muzica straina cuvinte mp3 cantece mp3. D A D As Common As cantece ultima melodie versuri cuvintele cuvintele versurile.

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