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[Music: Al'Hazred, Ashmedi, Moloch / Lyrics: Proscriptor] Ea rewards the Sages with seven gems Each is stamped onto copper and burnished gold Ea melts defined sigils into magic squares As the cyclones of water start to rise [Ea:] Now, you are emerging from the voids of Apsu Your law will shelter the gifts of enchantment But when the silhouettes of the icons appear (The) five deities of planets will stalk below Tempests break through as Ishtar arrives Wer and imsuhhu as a unit collide Stones fall to pieces as Nabu becomes visible Shulpae leads the others into confiscation [Ea:] As I flood the fresh water with my insight, Symbols sculpt and carve the charms with my rule As I stand before the set of deities I rape magnetic charge from their earthy path He went through gates of fate According to cuneiforms It said Dreamers observed To find him crown the shrine: While we gave your wisdom to the far-sighted We beheld Ea falling in the Apsu.

Muzica straina versuri Apkallu Counsel album cantece muzica. Versuri muzica versurile descarca Melechesh ultima melodie piesa asculta.

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