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[Music: Ashmedi & Moloch / Lyrics: Ashmedi] Spheres of Chaos, bring forth demise I see destruction through me eyes Behold the sphinx of Ashur rise He brings Akkad's demise Assyrian war Demon Assyrian war Genii A hail of demons attack from the sky Black form figures with red eyes Armed with scimitars forged in gold Hear their howling and their cries Assyrian war Demon Assyrian war Genii Assyrian war Demon Assyrian battle skies I traveled all the worlds I see it before my eyes The land of all nine whores New Babylon in the sky This is the only way, to rule with fire Wardjinn leaves the stone The creature is unleashed Blowing the hot xul sands Spreading his wings Fire lightning from his hands This mighty Djinn A beast made before man Macro-destruction released by his chants His chants: Xul alla xul Shout Zi dingir alla xul His chants: Xul alla xul Infernal chants Shamash maklu xul Whirling fire-winds sweep the battle fields Oh, the beauty of their cries Nineth Sphere of Chaos released from the mind Macro-destruction, the wardjinn smiles Assyrian war Demon Assyrian war Genii Assyrian war Demon Assyrian battle skies Melechesh cantece muzica muzica cuvinte piesa muzica straina. Versuri Wardjinn melodiei cuvintele versuri versurile.

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