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[Music: Ashmedi / Lyrics : Ashmedi] Like a thread of spider silk Burst from the third eye Inverse energy released From the mind, pointing to The land of the delta prophets Step in the bizarre bazaar Here stands the ziggurat Bursting plasma pointing to Mercury's dimension Micro-cosmic essence Of the hallucinating vision A world of occult (and) sorcery Point the brass compass at you Profound cult of the erie Reveal the absolute truth A world with occult (and) sorcery Profound cult of the eerie Point the compass at you It's all in a circle It's all within the triangle Map the suspended earth A parallel world stands there It's all in a circle It's all within the triangle Map the wretched earth A parallel world stands there The Alpha point, points at the sky below What the land of Sumeria has foretold Is like the hypnotized snake's swallowed tail Infinity is complete; the spirit of the prophecy is here The King of Fire shall seal this prophecy With a Mercury mail [Lead: Moloch] [Lead: Ashmedi]

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