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[Music: Ashmedi / Lyrics: Ashmedi] We walk this earth Searching for the truth We learned the human mind To satisfy our wicked way A silhouette of the beast Stand before my eyes His temptation sinks so deep Deeper than the deepest mind Rub the lantern! Rub it now! I see the earth is shaking I see the smoke is rising Walking through the mountain Into an oblivious town Seeing the tent of the peddler That came from another dimension We wore the sign of Utukku The sign of the ancient curse He bore the sign of Akrabu The symbol of the scorpion-man A silhouette of the beast Stand before my eyes His temptation sinks so deep To reach for the Lantern of Might Through the centuries of hidden knowledge I've learned the weakness of man Feeding on their lusts I return again, again and again Higher form magic To capture your soul Hallucinate with sour fury We create what man hate I tempt you Knowledge is like a looping tower Inside a golden pillar that contains the secrets of the Micro and Macrocosm We create what man hate. [Lead: Ashmedi]

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