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[Music: Ashmedi / Lyrics: Ashmedi] Rune of the Lion's Eye bring the salt cyclone Lightning from the ground The Oasis of Molten Gold Rune of the Lion's Beard Open up the stone Blasting thunder sound Reveals oasis of gold Assyrian hordes the forces of darkness Marching on the twilight sand Conqueror Nebuchadnezzar Sworn to take all cosmic lands Travelling, back and forth in time Overwhelming all in their path On alabaster it has been written They arise from golden ash Tunnel of Time Come pilgrims of the beats Kinetic powers Bringers of the plague...BRINGERS OF THE PLAGUE! Masses of Edimu... Stomping on the ground They are approaching with bloodshed on their minds Legions of Shedu... Marching on their side Unseen evil powers superior minds Sigh ...Cry... I'm the Master Of Backward Time reverse! ...hgiS retsaM fO drawkcaB emiT By Reverse Magic all will be concealed Pshych-alchemic mastery

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