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Frampton/Savigar 1993 Almo Music Corp. and Comboplate Music Kevin Savigar Music (ASCAP All these years that I've been searching -- Lost in the shadow of self doubt Never knowing where to run to -- Trying to figure it all out Yeah, there were moments but they didn't last -- They say it's my foolish pride Built a wall around my heart -- Kept it all inside Then You -- Came to me -- And You -- Set me free I'm crying out but no one hears me -- Disappears in the wind Hear these voices inside me -- Echoing the soul within I was trying to remember -- How it feels when things are right No hope for the future -- When there's no love in sight Then You -- Came to me -- And You -- Set me free We walk this path together -- May our aim stay true Hold on to the passion -- There's only one way to go You don't have to force it -- Just let love grow Oh You -- Came to me -- And You -- Set me free I -- Still can't believe -- That You -- Came to me

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