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Frampton/Greaves/Hudson 1995 Almo Music Corp. and Comboplate Music (ASCAP) Illegal Songs, Inc. (BMI), MCA Music Living inside myself I -- Didn't need no one else I was alright Yeah -- Alright Yeah Every night was lonely -- And nobody ever told me Look inside -- Look inside I was blind and I couldn't see that was right in front of me You could tell that I lived in a shadow Locked away in my darkness and pain And my heart was shut down and in prison You were sent here to free it again And the moment I almost went under you came through cause I almost said goodbye Shattered and broke down I -- Was hopin to turn it round There's no way -- There's no way I couldn't find a reason -- When there's nothing to believe in Anyway -- Anyway I was blind and I couldn't see what was right in front of me I been contemplating -- Been so down I wanna die Almost said goodbye And in the end I -- Hope I find a friend who's Just like you -- Just like you Happiness surrounds you Now that I finally found me too -- Me and you

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