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Versuri Talk To Me

Frampton 1995 Almo Music Corp. Comboplate Music (ASCAP) I've been feeling like I've seen this flick before I've been screaming I can't stand to see no more It's hard to breathe my mouth is dry Talk to me and tell me why Now I know that you would blow me from the sky I can't conceive of what you do Listen to the silence hear the children cry for you I'm a dreamer but that won't do me no good today You can't stop me thinking love's the only way It's hard to breathe my mouth is dry Got no voice I can't speak I haven't slept in a week I'll catch my breath and count to ten Before I start to shout again

Versuri Talk To Me Peter Frampton cantece. Muzica straina versuri asculta piesa album ultima melodie descarca muzica cuvinte cantece.

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