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Frampton/Regan 1995 Almo Music Corp, Comboplate Music (ASCAP) Hymoa Publishing Ltd. When it starts to rain inside and you need a place to hide There's nowhere left to run You can hang on to a dream may not be just like it seems You have no way to tell When you'll find your peace of mind Of this you can be sure That I need you most of all - Yes, I need you I used to know it all - No chance that I would fall How wrong could I be - Canât see the wood for the trees Then you helped to make me see Your love became a part of me - And turned it all around Thereâs a place - So deep inside - I'd never been before Here and now - This I can promise you I'll never let you down Cause I need you most of all Yes, I need you the most When it starts to rain inside you don't have to hide Cause I need you by my side Yes, I need you most of all

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