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Versuri You got the silver

Hey, babe, what's in your eyes? I saw them flashing like airplane lights You fill my cup, babe, that's for sure I must come back for a little more You got my heart, you got my soul You got the silver, you got the gold You got the diamonds from the mines Well, that's allright, it'll buy some time Tell me, honey, what will I do? When I'm hungry and thirsty too. Feeling foolish and that's for sure Just waiting here at your kitchen door Hey babe, what's in your eyes? Is that the diamonds from the mines? What's that laughing in your smile? I don't care, no, I don't care Hey babe, you got my soul You got the silver, you got the gold A flash of love has made me blind I don't care, no, that's no big surprise

Versuri Rolling Stones Rock muzica versuri piesa. Melodiei muzica straina cuvintele piesa cuvintele muzica asculta You got the silver.

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