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Down and down she goes aw, Amanda Jones I said down and down and down and down she'd look really lovely at home til somebody gonna come up and ask her to live happily ever after, miss Amanda Jones On and on she goes little miss Amanda Jones I said on and on and on and on just watch her as she grow don't wanna say it very obviously but she's losing her nobility, miss Amanda Jones Hey girl don't you realize the money invested in you hey girl you just got to find someone who'll really pull your family through Up and up she goes hone Amanda Jones I said up and up and up and up she looks quite delightfully stoned she's the darling of the discotheque crowd of her lineage she's rightfully proud, miss Amanda Jones Hey girl with your nonsense nose all pointing right down at the floor hey girl your suspender shows and the girl behind you looks a bit unsure Round and round she goes the world of Amanda Jones I said round and round and round and round the balls and the dinners and show the little girl she just wanders about til it's time for her coming out, miss Amanda Jones Round and round and round round and round and round...

Miss amanda jones asculta Rolling Stones cantece versuri piesa. Versuri mp3 descarca muzica straina album descarca Rock cuvinte cantece piesa cuvintele asculta.

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