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Versuri You better move on

You ask me to give up the hand of the girl I love You tell me, I'm not the man she's worthy of But who are you to tell her who to love? That's up to her, yes, and the Lord above You better move on Well I know you can buy her fancy clothes But I believe she's happy with me without those things Still you beg me to set her free But my friend, that will never be You better move on Now I don't blame you for loving her But can't you understand, man, she's my girl And I, never never ever gonna let her go 'Cuz I, yeah, I love her so I think you better go now, I'm getting mighty mad You ask me to give up the only love I've ever had Maybe I would, oh, but I love her so I'm never gonna let her go You better move on

Muzica piesa muzica straina asculta. Album cuvinte versuri You better move on cuvinte versuri cuvintele descarca versurile Rolling Stones melodia muzica Rock.

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