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Versuri You Make Me Feel

(N. Brown/J. Rwakaara) Chorus: You make me feel The way that a woman should feel You give the kind of love that is real Yes, I sense it inside You make me feel So complete, it's right And I wanna love you for life Yes, you make me feel V1 From the first day that we met I knew we were meant for each other And now I can't imagine Being with any other You came into my world, so unexpectedly I never thought I'd find someone Who I could love for eternity You put your hand in mine I love that you can read my mind Anticipate my every need With you I wanna be V2 It wasn't so long ago That I felt unloved and alone You walked into my life A bright star to give me light You give the respect that I need Baby, I feel like your queen Seems when we're together Time is still, we are in heaven The things you do for me So precious and so sweet Ecstasy is what I feel When it's you and me Bridge: Yes, when you're with me I feel that I can do anything Baby, when you kiss me I feel the way that a woman should feel

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