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(N. Brown/J. Rwakaara) V1 All of my life I never believed in myself Or what I had to offer this world Trust me when I say it has been hard to make it this far I have my share of scars V2 I've wandered near and far searching for purpose in life I understand now that I have something to give And I can not hesitate as I revaluate I've finally opened my eyes Chorus: With the wind at my back And the road 'neath my feet With the gifts I was given at birth No one can take them I will follow my dreams I will do what it takes With the wind at my back and my dreams No one can take them from me V3 It is so very hard when your soul wakes up slow You have to work over time to help it grow And I have realized as I have awakened from my slumber That even if it's late, it's better than never Bridge: It's amazing how I could not see All along strength lived in me I have a gift that resides inside This truth now, I can't deny I've struggled to make it this far And no matter how hard I have opened my eyes, I am whole Blow wind blow, blow me on from here Blow wind blow, blow away my fear

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