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Versuri More Today Than Yesterday

(N. Brown/J. Rwakaara) Rap Written & Performed by: High Intent V1 I love it when you hold me When your loving arms enfold me Iâm so captured by your love Itâs such a sweet gift from up above I know that youâre attracted By the sweet scent of my perfume I can feel your stare pierce through me I can sense you all around the room Chorus: I love you more today than yesterday Believe this vow of love I make No one will ever come between us My vow of love will never break Yes my love, itâs true Iâll stay V2 When you say youâll be true to me Iâll be faithful too boy, you will see You make me quiver wild with joy âCuz I know that Iâm your girl and youâre my boy Youâre my pride and joy of life I wanna be your loving wife Forevermore weâll be as one And we will know that the work of love is done Bridge: Youâre the one I long for, baby Youâre the one I need So believe me when I tell you I love you more today than yesterday

Ultima melodie cuvintele versuri cantece asculta. Versuri More Today Than Yesterday muzica straina melodiei piesa muzica versurile melodia Natalie Brown.

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