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Versuri In Your Arms Again

(N. Brown/J. Rwakaara) V1 I remember standing there Compelled by the grip of your stare Wanting you to hold me forever No words were said, instead It's like we knew that you'd never stop loving me And I, I'd never stop loving you Chorus: If I could be in your arms again I'd say the things I wanted to say I'd tell you I love you And that I never wanted you to go away If I could be in your arms again I'd never let you go That's the way it would be If I could be in your arms again V2 I remember standing there The soft breeze blowing slightly through my hair Entranced, we were- of time we weren't aware No words were spoken, yet our hearts were broken As we realized that to survive We could never look into Each other's eyes again Bridge: The power of this gentle stare Has touched us, made us aware Even though our hearts say yes We must beware, avert the gaze There's too much power The power of this forbidden gaze Is dangerous, we must beware That's why we had to turn away

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