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Versuri You Gotta Know

verse 1: i gotta a sister out in charolette love her cause shes crazy in her head i gotta brother he was a pilot sometimes i pray that we'll see him again dad he told me once he said son only the fool stays out at night its 4 A.M. and im out here on this avenue got no money but you know im doing alright whoa oh oh ya chorus:you gotta know there aint nothin bout the money thats ever gunna save your soul and the dreams of the young they aint never been nothing but the last request of the old heaven is the fiddle on the late night radio hit by redemption brother aint you got no soul who oh oh oh ya you gotta know verse2:her name was amy she was a friend of mine she wanted to be a rich mans wife she fell in love with cars and exspensive wine she must have forgotten what it means to live your life who ho ho oh ya (chorus) verse3:wethered hands playing on a steel guitar plays every evening till they turn them bar lights down you know he's tired of them damned old cigaretts saving up his money so he can move on out of town oh ya ya ya (chorus)2x you gotta know!!

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