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by Pat Green ?1995 Dead Horse Music (BMI) Women and Whiskey, they ain't the answer, Lord I just know that this is true, but the way that I'm feeling, I just might be thinking, Lord tonight they just may have to do, I've spent a lot of long and lonely nights in honky town taverns, two fisted drinking and fighting back against the wall, And I know it's a problem, a no win situation, but I can't seem to resist that old whiskey call. Chorus Mister pour us a drink, Hell give us the bottle, set us down in the corner, until we're two sheets gone, and don't tell me no stories, about a good hearted woman, I want to hear Your Cheatin' Heart, and cry all night long. Me and my buddies, we've got alot in common, we all wish we could take time and turn it around, take us back to the good old days, hard work and cowboy ways, take us to a swingin' door saloon, this what we'll say. Chorus The Bottle versuri cantece cuvinte cuvinte versuri. Melodiei versurile Pat Green muzica straina cantece

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