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Versuri Wrong Side Of Town

Tell me a story about something pretty A guardian angel up in the sky And make me believe you no hill for a climber Ask me no questions and tell you no lies Chorus: Iâm hanging on, my mouth hanging open World spinning faster, round and round Hey whatâs the matter, you look unexpected Like you took a right turn on the wrong side of town You left the light on looking so hopeful Youâre just pretending you know what youâve done Crying yoru heart out, nobodyâs looking Itâs not getting better, weâre not having fun Chorus Jesus was wrong about all the sinners That weâd take a stump for a sign of the times Running for shelter like nobodyâs business You donât even notice the face of the sky So many answers just loose talking whispers Pick up some pieces and gobble them down Donât talk in words so I wonât understand you Hold up your fingers and cry like a clown Chorus

Album asculta mp3 mp3 muzica melodia Pat Green piesa ultima melodie cantece. Versuri Wrong Side Of Town muzica straina versuri piesa.

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