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(Pat Green) Might stand out in the wind Out on Mustang Island Might stay up all night Hangin' out with Hank Williams and cryin' I slept out on the sand so many nights that I can't remember Yeah but love is love and life is hard And one undoes the other Summer gold, Winter blue Where ever I am whatever I do Wrapped in you Might find me in Paris France, Someday soon Might drive this Malibu all the way to China Never can tell what I'll do. I'm busted, shot clean through Where ever I am whatever I do Wrapped in you Held you once through April And in summer set you free Now the cold, cold nights are coming And I've lost everything I've never been to Paris France Never even seen Mustang Island Ol' hank was gone before I was born I'm not the kind to stay up cryin' May never go far, but here's the truth Where ever I am whatever I do I'm busted, shot clean through Whatever you want is what I'll do I'm wrapped in you. Wrapped in you Wrapped in you

Pat Green mp3 versuri ultima melodie cuvintele cuvinte cantece cuvinte muzica straina cantece melodiei. Muzica versuri Wrapped.

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