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Versuri You Gotta Go!

i hadn't heard a word from you in how long you just dropped off the face you disappeared withouta trace no one knew what you were up to or where your whereabouts were or if you were alive that's why your call suprised me it came out of the blue you told me when you would be arriving there was notihing i could do i just asssumed that you wouldn't stay long i was wrong and itsd nearly near a year and you're still here you gotta go, itsa time for you to leave you've worn out your welcome it's time for you to go, somewhere else i said for just a few days you could crash at my place then i lent you a substantial chunk of cash until you found employment a job that's not beneath you that never happened i wish i knew what i now do i'd be far away from you gotta go, it's time for you to leave i've had it i just can't take no more you need to wake up and get your drunk ass off the floor you lost my cat and broke my tv i can't use my couch till well past three so back your bags, there's the door you gotta go, it's time for you to leave you gotta go, this is not your address you;ve worn out my patience it's time for you to go somewhere else

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