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Versuri Think Again

(Original song by Minor Threat) Everybody's right! Everything I've done is wrong wrong wrong! I've tried to keep it short. You Know it took too fucking long. Too much has been said, you think it fucked my head? Think again! (8x) Ignorance, it set your standards. Intelligence, that don't work in your brain. You're and adult, buy you act like a child. Don't even try to explain. This stupid shit, it's been done. You think you're the only one? Think again! (x8) A hand to the mouth, a performing yawn. You think you know what the fuck is going on? You're on top, you're on the ball. You think you've seen it all? Think again! (x8) Before you take another crack and slap yourself on the back. Before you tell me what you've heard and sum it up in just one word. Before you start talking shit. Before you throw another fit. Think again! (x8)

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