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They played something They made something Brand new a baby blue machine Brass tacks, duct tape For the great escape Packed in there like sardines Back and forth East, south, west, north Shred the atlas burn the map Often lost and paths cris-crossed Wake me up I need a nap They did something Which meant something And that got them some attention Eyes wide A roller coaster ride Great pride in this invention I think they're selling Snake oil At the dog and pony show In the garden gee Would you pardon me And by the way how does it grow The explanation's unexplainable Holding onto something Once dreamt unattainable The course was never charted So don't look into the books The secret's not the recipe It's got to be the cooks They made something They played something Blood, sweat, and elbow grease If you can't stand the heat in the kitchen Get out it will increase Last train to where? Hey get out of here Nothing's measured and nothing's weighed A dash of honesty in the recipe That's the first mistake you've made 1, 2 what's in the stew 3, 4 no one's really sure 5, 6 what's in the mix 7, 8 this stuff tastes

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