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Versuri Noise Brigade

Without any training It's pouring, It's raining Training or a trade Hey, you bet I'm afraid Unequipped with a skill But I'm thrilled with the thrill Underskilled, unprepared Hey, who wouldn't be scared Bring on the obstacles And burn me a bridge I'm not sure, should I call This my range or a ridge? There ain't none too high If I'm up for the climb I'll go zero to sixty And stop on a dime A dime for a dozen If that's what you're after A moment of silence A lifetime of laughter On the brighter side And on a happier note The noise, well it's just love That gets caught in my throat The end of the line's Not the end of a rope just a salesman Selling a bucket of hope When the bucket gets kicked And my chips are all cashed My intentions, conventions Are finally smashed

Noise Brigade Mighty Mighty Bosstones album Cuvintele versuri asculta cantece ultima melodie descarca cantece muzica straina versuri album.

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