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Versuri Wut U Niggas Want

[Verse 1] Yo! Hangin' low, chiefin' high. Time to make you haters cry Circulatin' gossip 'bout the Lady you deserve to die Memphis Queen will set it off Never ever play me soft Always 'bout my business, be a witness while I write you off Please stop beepin' me, since I fuck you won't stop beepin' me Is it cause you sippin' on that syrup or takin' ecstasy? I don't wanna play wit you, Mrs. Villain Gangsta Boo Got no time for you cause I be busy with my fuckin' crew Out to get some paper and you know just how the ball bounce Yellin' Fuck a hater! Blowin' hydro smoke up out my mouth Ridin' with the limo tint, system bumpin' triple 6 Just a lovely lady independent tryin' to make it rich Just to let you know I peep you out and how you look at me Ballin' in yo' friends Mercedes, smiling like you foolin' me Never are you foolin' me, Ladies represent with me How you got the clout when, nigga, you be out here chasin' me? [Chorus x2] What these niggas want from a bitch? (what you want)? What these niggas want from a bitch? (really want) [Verse 2] What you niggas want from a bitch You niggas makin' me sick Be actin' like you a baller just to get in my shit Cause a lady ( I ) she don't want no scrubs A scrub is a nigga that can get the fuck from me And glistenin' in yo' white gold chains Saw me ridin' in the Benz nigga doin' my thang So I don't need you. I got my car keys plus a check book Two way constantly jumpin' sendin' me messages Boo, I love you Anyway playa I'ma say whats on my fuckin mind I don't give a fuck what you write I ain't fantizin' OK got a car, OK got that ice, OK nigga cool shit ya life is aight Now what ya wife be tellin me ya business my nigga I don't care about your figures, I'm a playa my nigga I'ma mack till I fall ya'll, keepin' it tight So tell me why you wanna get with Mrs. Lady Aight? [Chorus x 2] What these niggas want from a bitch? (what you want)? What these niggas want from a bitch? (really want) [Verse 3] G- Is Gotta talk, I gotta let you niggas know tha bizz A- Is Always on my P's and Q's you boys know what it is N- This heater Nine is always by my side when I be cruisin' G- Is Grabbin' at me when I'm buckin' plus I'm never losin' S- Is Sorry man I gots no time I'm down hea platinum nine T- This Triple six is sellin out it ain't no stoppin now A- Is ATL is where we represent this lady gangsta B- Is Boomin' system in the caddy plus the navigation O- Is On my dog, why you let her have the drought always O cause it's my time Gangsta Boo just hit the charts Number ONE that's off the top Crazy lady blew the spot Spotted me in NYC I'm blazin' people off the block Niggas love me cause I'm thorough, bitches hate me cause they ain't Niggas tell me that they love me when the really want my bank But you playas know you can't get nothin from the Lady You need to come and tell me what you want from me baby [Chorus x 2] What these niggas want from a bitch? (what you want)? What these niggas want from a bitch? (really want)

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