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Versuri High Off That Weed

(I'm high off that weed...) 1 - When you're smokin' on some 8 Fool, it ain't no joke Take a shot of Rene Martin Then pass the dope We gon' ball 'til we fall Get drunk and choke Breathe up on that green Meet me back at the store Repeat 1 [Gangsta Boo] I'm watchin' this track like a tornado When I'm full of that green It gotta be some head banger Do you know what I mean? I'm on the scene, feelin' slow I just smoked and ODed It's all good, I'm havin' fun With my niggas and me The Z3 accompanied by a driver named Boo I'm high, I smoked a lot I'm gonna blaze 'til I'm through Can you hang with us baby? We get high off several, things that make you say Damn, I'm scared to get on their level We be clubbin', always knock the heavy spots when we late We heavy drinkin' on some Mo' We party-hardy all day So what you say, you in on it? Then pass it around Lights, camera, action Candid Camera now Just a joke to provoke you to get high To each, it's on, a partier 'til I die Nineteen ninety fuckin' nine Oops, the party is over Overflow, battin' at 2 ? black Range Rovers, yeah (I'm high off that weed...) Repeat 1 Repeat 1 [Gangsta Boo] I'm hittin' the park, eyes fucked Just-a keepin' it real So if you feel the way I feel Then ya ass know the deal I get some chronic, killa fragrance So my ride'll smell good All you niggas in the hood know that shit do some good Good enough to knock the odor out some weed that's on fire ? taped around my waste I fly the friendly skies To get 'bout it 'round my venus Cuz I got shit to do So do enough to get me through The world ? Gangsta Boo I got the mask to my fuckin' face I'm fiendin'' to increase my high ??? red as hell, these bitches better recognize Gangsta Boo, the scandalous bitch that do not take no shit Smoked-a, loc'ed-a Playas all around, but known as Triple 6 Million blunts up in my mind Yeah my niggas cap at times Smoked up all the blunts And now I'm high, I'm on cloud 9 Dumb trick up into my clique You'll get your fuckin' body bust Bitches bodies chopped up Mixed with guts and shit, off in my trunk (I'm high off that weed...) Repeat 1 Repeat 1

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