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Versuri Fuck You

[Intro - Gangsta Boo] Yeah, y'all know what time it is nigga I'm bringin' a lot of shit today I'm bringin M-Child I'm bringin' two for ya I'm also bringin' the pain nigga 'Cause when I come, I'm comin' for you So you better ask some-mothafuckin-body For the 9-8, until 2 G's nigga I'm takin' over You understand this type of shit Three 6 Mafia, Hypnotize, Prophet Posse Fuck you bitch! (M-Child) 1 - When we high off that green and gin Ain't no tellin what we'll do You got some ani' with the crew? (Fuck you! Fuck You!) With that heat we be bussin Conversation no discussion Hollow points they comin straight at you! (Fuck You! Fuck You!) Repeat 1 [Gangsta Boo] Bustin' bitches daily, maybe it's the herb in me I wanna see what you hidden for, shake 'em and see Time to steal, time to kill, time to get real, and wassup I'm just a beefin' in the club, tear that fuckin' bitch up I'm in the corner 'round some smoke, smokin' fine ass weed Freakin' like Vanessa Del Rio, won't you take you a peak MOB, it was me, bringin' shit to the door I be the lady unabomber, bombin' bitches and mo' So time to go toe to toe, with a bitch that be rockin' Ain't nothin' stoppin' Prophet Posse 'til your body be droppin' You fuckin' bitch, spittin' rhythms in your rhyme like a joke I'm gonna tote you like a 90 when I'm pullin' that dope I know you're hopin' that I'll fall to my face, but I ain't My shoes are stuck to the ground when I walk out on bank Another fuckin' LP dropped like it's some rice We be straight like 9:15, bitch, FUCK your spot Nigga! Repeat 1 Repeat 1 (M-Child) Let cha let cha mind explode With these lyrics I control Just a peak to let you see how M-Child do it in Flip Mode Now I'm baddest on a level Find a new way to be paid Ain't gon' burn or slice or beat 'em down With bats and Prophet dank Yellin' thangs, I'm comin' up And niggas want your life to live Pack that steel if you real But you better shoot to kill All that flossin' ain't gon' do Bring a gun without the clip And for the rest of your life You'll be walkin' around with a half-ass limp Read my lips, don't FUCK with us Because we dangerous And when we on that good stuff Like a junkie, we be anxious to get up in yo shit And take your life with all quickness A Orange Mound playa that be strictly bout his business Watch out, nigga Don't give a fuck, nigga Walk on top of water We some mean ass niggas Prophet 'til I fry So fuck with me, you can't avoid Plus the first time you slip You goin bungee jumpin without the cord, BITCH!!! Repeat 1 Repeat 1 (Koopsta Knicca) Coulda been a friend, seemed to busy pimpin' Gettin' upon the skin I had no team, 34 Hancock Puttin' them cuts upon these men Again it's on, don't be phony Tellin' these hoes that I love 'em You think you're tough fool Look at your ?, hey, they groupies Nigga, don't give a fuck Wanna know 'bout better things That fool is gonna be ? Raisin' doja, what I saw is me I best get the motha-fucka off B-b-ba-da-boom, pa-ta-pa-ta-pow Loadin' got me goin' down Swear I'm trippin' 'Fore I come up, just-a left a fuckin' cal On the ground with the 40 Hell, and me criticizing', no Ho, I never sold no dope Oh shit, then shoot me cuz I'm ? Some of them charges, said the sergeant You been wanted for the longest, on the street, they call you Creep Nah, nigga, my name is ?? Well, if you're wanted Then I'm gonna give you something to collect Man, you can take that mothafuckin' gat And stick that heat up your ass Nine in my ?, got the 5 ??? 3 with the tag around my throat, gotta let me go Repeat 1 Repeat 1 [Prophet Posse] 2 - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey... Fuck you, fuck you Repeat 2 to fade

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