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Versuri Da Ones Close, Know Most

Chorus x4 I had it figured it was someone close Cause the nigga that's close Are the motherfuckers that know the most (Gangsta Boo) It's like this I'm tellin' my niggas about this broke ass bitch That wanna jump into some shit That hoe done snitched on my click We livin' swell Pockets bail matches on her own legs I'm livin' life the fuckin' queen With my money I made I got to let my nigga know before the news hit the block That this bitch done told the Fed's he was pushin' them rocks So what to do, what to do to this bitch ass snitch She played up on my fuckin' nigga He wasn't givin' them dick I grab my keys, get to the car Ballin' to a pay phone To call up Paul at home to get a couple of them tones Let me see, where would she be Hmm, is it really hard to tell She knows the mafia well She knows that we gonna send her straight to hell But I'll call down below key Like I really don't know I stay at home, stop my shipment so I won't go for broke Someone had wanted to see us fall But we stayin' on the top We beat the playas that be ballin' cause the party don't stop Chorus x2

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