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Versuri When The Sunlight Fades

Behold the day That has fallen dark Lament the passing of youth and all it's joys Behold the cross Ideas he has hidden behind Witness his contempt for his existence and his 'God' When will the sunlight fade Unleashing death to resolve his pain For no longer can he suffer In this hell he has known Take his soul far away from the sadness of this world Release unto thee The wrath of his ills To heal and receive The pain he has endured Willingly I accept In spite of my own life For to watch him die Is to truly know hate Life for this young man was but a dream in a fading memory Filled with hopeful embrace for new discoveries But when his fate was sealed another dream was sadly destroyed Give unto thee The power to recreate The beginnings of his life And the threads of his humanity For I would raze His existence of all fear And condemn his 'God' To the life he has suffered through Take his soul away from the sorrow of this world

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