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Versuri Eve Of The Emerald Sun

Emerald rays pierced the dusk that morning Painting a dull sickly color into my mind The eve of the emerald sun was upon me Denying me warmth, casting no shadows My eyes were cold as I gazed into the sky And all that was known was no frozen in glass No angels voice, no devils whisper Only this empty silence of nothing I'm so alone, I feel as stone And all that I touch, shatters into dust So let this end, and bring this sorrow down You'll never see the silence, you'll never know my pain So let this be, I'll take this worthless life I'll bleed the yet fallen tears, this is the last sleep... No distance voice, calls for me The light is dim, as it casts no shadows My voice is cold, my sense is numb My world has faded, my heart is empty...

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