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The snow drifted down upon long barren hills Painting the frozen land an ethereal white Among the graves we danced slowly in the night As fruitless trees swayed in the burning cold wind Like the diamonds hidden along the earth that day She was nothing more than a shade, a delicate shadow I kissed her scarlet lips as if for the first time I drank deep her essence warm and inviting I gazed forever into her dark eyes And I caressed her beautiful pale face In the dark stillness she rested in thy loving arms Though I wished her to stay I knew the dawn was waiting For us the sun arrives without welcome I have seen the glory of the gray dawn Awash in the black tears as the snow drifts down These winter days of cold are the misery I die upon For I have known the lovelorn life, of which I wear that broken crown of scorn and mockery I have known truth in hate Love wears thin our pride and bitter is the taste Of life and death we dance for our souls to find For time consumes the hearts of man And beckons the call of death's sweet kiss The days are soon departed as loved ones long ago There is no joy in the sadness I had seen the sad farewell in her black eyes Yet I held her closer still under the scarlet moonlight I had seen the sad farewell through the gray clouds afar As they stole away the night and out exquisite sorrow In that eternal silent moment I knew the death of dreams As she fell from thy arms I had seen the end of all hope I have lost all

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