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My tears sing your praise, in this house of sleep For your kind voice has died with the harsh winds (Though) The cold steals my scorn and pain of your death I once saw forever in your eyes, yet now I see nothing... My love I know the pain in you, I see the sickness sunrise That dulls the light in you, I know you bear the burden That bleeds us, that bleeds the tears, the tears of sorrow Yet know the day shall die, and bring this pain to pass For the memory of your life shall burn eternal To rest the pain will come, and sleep forever more.... For I head your heart speak, the story of tears And though the night must end, your sadness rained bright The sullen colour of fear, the delicate shade of death The hue of blood stained black, in tombs of gray laced regret An empyreal dance of silence, for when her soul burned It darkened the red sky For I die a thousand deaths, each day in absinthe's arms In lucid dreams I see you, and hold you forever more My love the day shall rise, with the tides of time To wash upon our graves, and let us sleep forever more And ever as I see the stars's fall, I see her azure eyes upon me And the clouds cry in white For she is gone My heart (My heart has died) In her (In her pale arms) My bride (My bride is gone) For she weeps no more My love (My love I cry) In streams (In streams of somber) My soul (My soul is gone) With her laugh it fades My dear (My dear I plead) To speak(To speak your tears) My sweet (My sweet i'm gone) Before the dawn arrives My heart (My heart has died) In her (In her pale arms) My bride (My bride i'm gone) For she weeps no more All the happiness in my life went with her smile And as the days wear on the roses fade in the dry sun The flowers are dead here, they speak my wilted heart I have seen the pain and glory of death And for all I know and care I seek this silence For this is a vestige of joy and sorrows deep And all I help dear to me has gone forever from this world May she rise to behold once more the tears I've shed Believe in me, for your bitter tears can beckon my end Believe in my words, for they wither dead flowers May the blood I shed stain this bouquet red once more For I die for you, I die for you

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