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Versuri Wasted Love

(Wild Orchid, Sylvia Bennett Smith) How could you do this to me? How could you do this to me? I put my trust in you That's what you're supposed to do How could you tell all those lies While you're looking dead straight in my eyes? You're someone I thought I knew She must have thought so too Before I say goodbye Just tell me why did I give a little bit more And take just a little bit less And try just a little bit harder When it's all just wasted love Why did you kiss me that way? Why did you stay? Now it's all just wasted love Looking back now it's all makin sense When you said she was only a friend Friends who were making love Was it worth breaking up? All the answers I don't want to know I'll keep asking for after I go The flowers they came too late You've turned the love to hate It's your turn now to cry We can try and lie, but we both know Too many things have changed The memory of her in your arms Is driving me insane The shattered dream just breaks my heart I can't go on this way I will never look at you the same You wear a different face

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