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I went to the river, thinkin' 'bout jumpin' in Thinkin' 'bout your ways baby Trying to forget how to swim As I stood there, watching the train go by Oh what a message - that's when I realized Oh baby, is it gonna last very long Look at the river and how it keeps movin' on Oh baby, what we have is almost gone Look at the river and how it keeps movin' on Movin' on My emotions move with the current and the wind No direction and no definite end That's when I realized how the ripples In the water seemed to shine Reminds me of you and I baby, at one point in time And just like a river - like a river flowin' - into a waterfall After falling are we moving on - I can feel the flow Under the train bridge - it keeps movin' on Goes down to the whirlpool - it keeps movin' on No still waters baby, gonna hold me down All I wanna know is - are you comin' with me

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