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Versuri At Night I Pray

(Wild Orchid, Bobby Sandstrom, Micki Duran) So alone And this room feels so cold No one to care and no one to hold Yeah the Lord knows That I'm needing somebody like you, just like you Can you see The passion burning in my eyes Do you sense The rush you give my heart And if you knew The secret way I feel for you Would you come running to me or would you turn away At night I pray With hope and faith As I lay me down to sleep I pray together we will be And there will come a time You'll be mine, all mine And I'll be yours always But until that day comes At Night I'll Pray Should I feel These emotions deep inside me Should I reveal what's locked up in my soul I'm so afraid But it's something that you've got to know How I want To touch you every time you're near I long to feel Your body next to mine And if you knew The secret love I have for you Would you come running to me or would you turn away If all my prayers were answered Our hearts would be enraptured We would find our heaven Inside each other's arms This lonely room would finally see the sun shine through But until that day every night I'll pray I'll get down on my knees, I'll get down on my knees and pray...

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