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Versuri Make It Easy For Me

(Wild Orchid, Chris Bolden) Promise me that if you leave You won't be coming back again It hurts to see your face when you look at me that way Don't try to take me in your arms 'Cause I don't thik that I could find the strength To let you go, and leave me here alone I need to break the ties that keep on breaking my heart Not gonna hang on to the strings you tore apart So make it easy for me, if you ever loved me The hardest thing I'll ever do is say goodbye Still loving you So make it easy for me, if you ever loved me Turn around and walk away 'Cause we've run out of words to say You promised me our love would be A fairy tale that everyone would wish for in their dreams Well, where's my happy ending Memories play in my mind, frame by frame I see it all How could I have been so blind Say you're sorry to me a million times But that will never ease the pain That I will feel right now inside You can try and make it better But no matter what your do, you took away forever When you told me we were through

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