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I am just another fool, and I have to, keep telling myself that I am just a hypocrit, and I have to, keep calling you one And I forgot to bite my tongue, as my assumption, is the mother of all mistakes So I assume the role, open my mouth, and clumsy words escape So why you, wanna to be there, when you could be here, you are slipping away I awake with your replacement, a bottle in my grasp, in an unfamiliar place Because you put me out, the butt of a sick joke, into this ashtray life As you come and go, cause I forgot to service you, and we broke down And you can't live with my mistakes, but I assume false grace Open my arms and grasp at something true [chorus] How are you, how have you been, girl I miss you, wanna see you again So why you, wanna to be there, when you could be here, you are slipping away I bring out the worst in you, and you try to let me know You bring out the worst in me, anxiety, anxiety I'm trying to let you go, you say I'm giving you the creeps So I assume the role, open my claws and grasp for your heart [repeat chorus] Into you like a mortal stake so vindictive Your love's slipping away Violins, into this ashtray life Violins, the butt of your sick joke Violins, I'm trying hard to let you go Violins

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