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I hope you didnæ° mind when I saw you Turn into nothing less than Nothing new Before you wait to sleep it off... How little is enough? What can you do? Before you decide to make the last mistake With draw away from us And say good-bye To all but one that takes you Ond puts you to rest On twenty-seven street nothing will keep you warm Everything bring you harm Everything here fails you Now lying at your feet Everyone nails you Everyone worships you Everyone here fails you I can figure it out and itæ¯ all about to... Turn into lack of wit on sinking ships I might have jumped But you jumped first Abandon ties that bind Thereæ¯ no salvation here Iæ surely miss the times when we were so depressed No I miss you I know I miss you And you are missing something You take a rip and then you find Sedation some salvation A masochistic only point of view Nothing is left to you Everyond speaks the truths Everyone here fails me Hope you didnæ° mind when I saw you

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