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Time to ride the snake, oh eyes gone dead and blank I don't wanna talk to a stranger, I once knew Single-minded hunt, to fill the bottomless well I can't afford the labor of the feelings that you ask, you tax [chorus] Talk to me i can't hear you Did you say, the pain has gone away Just one question, will i see you at the show tomorrow Or the snake They could never tell, we are losing weight They will all still love us, if they can not feel our hell I'm not losing face, and they're not losing faith We won't have to feel unless we quit, there's nothing more to hide [repeat chorus] Don't you know that he does everything, he buys the food and cleans He knows what I need to go on This is your last chance I can feel I'm fading and I want to disappear, Disappear, there's nothing left to hear [repeat chorus] Will i see you at the show tomorrow, tell me then what's wrong piesa muzica muzica cuvinte Ride The Snake cantece descarca. Album Lagwagon versuri muzica straina cuvintele cantece versuri melodiei mp3 melodia asculta.

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