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In this faltering nation The future belongs To the children in school Thereç£ something wrong Sixth grader on crack Handgun overflowing in his hands Now he is just further demand We search for the source And still that child is left watching Inhumanity, bloodshed As the tele-violence feeds his head (Chorus) Only if he knew The consequence of greed A contious state of mind T.V. is not reality Never a victim the role model said Bang bang, the bad guy is dead Always a rockstar on eMpty T.V. The lesson complete Now the child has needs Of competition they bleed Oh beautiful for bills of green Nevermind spacious skies overhead Bleed the earth and butter your bread (Repead Chorus) Chils turns on T.V. What dose he see? Nature of man, dishonesty That child grows old Story be told As he sits behind bars And his soul grows cold

Muzica mp3 cuvinte descarca muzica straina versuri album versuri cuvintele melodiei melodia. Tragic vision asculta Lagwagon album.

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