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Versuri Upwards To Conquer Heaven

'Come, and be revealed a bull, my Raging One! Be a many-headed dragon! Be a lion, spuring flames! Come!' [taken from 'Bakkhai' by Euripides] ...and the time has come to fulfil the oath hold your swords tight aim the sun spread proudly your wings this is the day to transgress the forbidden spread proudly your wings can't you see them? armour made of dream wrath is my untiring steed humilation is my arm we shall bloody our fists on these clouds made of steel but we fail, everything fails Lead us, Raging One, upwards! Share your madness with us... Upwards to conquer heaven! Upwards to seize the throne!

Piesa Lux Occulta cuvintele mp3 muzica straina album cantece descarca asculta descarca. Album piesa Upwards To Conquer Heaven versuri versuri.

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