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Itâs immoral to have one eye In the kingdom of the blind Yet I believe that all in this world Is the manifestation of God I grow rusty nails in my wounds I bathe them with my urine They will blossom with blood But they will never fructify I breed this noble wine On black soil Ge-Hinnom What a lovely place to die Home sweet home I bake my bitter bread In this crematory oven I use human ashes as flour And so big the dough grows I know where I belong And I know where to go Iâve seen that episode on TV Iâve seen it twice I put the barrel in my mouth That brings back peace of mind Itâs so much fun to play Russian roulette With a fully loaded gun This is the point when it starts This is the point when it ends I own all maps of human weakness I have all keys to depravation Call me by my countless names Emptiness, confusion, despair Satan tempting himself The serpent swallowing its tail Call me perfect, call me nine Sins donât leave scars Call me hell

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