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White headed wisemen decipher your scars Trying to read between the layers Hold me tight, break my spine Put me back into Hell of your womb Let me suck your festering wounds Iâll grow strong on pus and blood For I am the first and the last I am the honored one and the scorned one I am the whore and the holy one I am the wife and the virgin I am the mother and the daughter I am the members of my mother The crown and the scepter of living cells Pitiful regalia âLove surrounds us allâ Thus spoke her dead majesty I am she whose wedding is great And I have not taken a husband I am the midwife and she who does not bear I am the solace of my labor pains I am the bride and the bridegroom And it is my husband who begot me I am the mother of my father and the sister of my husband And he is my offspring Selfish bitch, mother paranoia Cannot live without your poisonous milk Cannot live without your lethal caress Life is a cancer Unnatural state Kiss me, cure me Mother death Mother Pandora cuvinte muzica ultima melodie Lux Occulta versuri mp3 album ultima melodie muzica straina. versuri versurile.

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