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I didnât start this wicked game Neither were the rules of play mine You invited me to the chessboard Your pieces are white? Fine Iâll take black... Clever and cruel opening King sacrifices his baby son White knights move decidedly Strange are the ways of black goats Send your messengers up North They will bring you coldness and doubt Send your messengers down south They will bring you decay and distrust Send your messengers to the west They will bring discouragement and disappointment Send your messengers to the east They will bring torment and pain Time for the next move You have your last eternity Flag fall Heads fall Itâs my turn I fucked the queen And she enjoyed the ride I cursed your bishop I impaled your knights Checkmated God Face to face with a free pawn

Ultima melodie asculta asculta versuri mp3 Gambit mp3 melodiei versuri cuvintele. Melodia versurile asculta muzica straina Lux Occulta melodiei.

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