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Soft rain falls silent down from a black nightsky darkness which I have given my lonely life to lay around me like a heavy cloud... Everything is beautiful, like death is beautiful sometime I shall wander here in the realm of darkness with my princess by my side dressed in the colours of the night like I am dressed in the colours of the night... Sometime, I shall share this shivering happiness with one my heart shall choose Those who in the night dance.... Cold winds of the fall blow from east shadows fall over the tower in the distance... Darkness returns grows bigger and more powerful over the nightsky Under eternal stars under the wings of the screaming raven I enter the embrace of the fogwoods Passionated by darkness longing for the night I rest alone, as a child of darkness as a child of fall, as a child of lonliness Silent I let my soul wander towards the cold light of the moon letting the first nightstar guard me.... The eternal dawn lower over the northern landscape there - under eternal stars...

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