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Versuri The Boy In The Attic

[music: Tchort, lyrics: Tchort] A blessing from below, born a sweet child like foretold Could it the boy that I used to be Oh, father please forgive me if I`ve done you wrong For how long will you let me suffer all alone Father! Please! A father`s touch, a beating one too much Hiding in the closet waiting for him to sleep What others saw of me, was what dad wanted them to see Father! Please! I want to taste the free, like nothing ever used to be I want to taste what is mine Am I evil, could it be, that I am the one they fear Look at me, I am the sweetest one you`ll ever see I made it through the old into a brand new life No more hiding in the closet, waiting for him to sleep Into the shadows of old Strange memories of time gone I was never rightfully yours Storys like mine, that were never told Out of the window feeling free That is how I killed me...

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