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Versuri My Dark Reflections Of Life And Death

Pain is self-inflicted, cause is not I long for my time, long before its due tired of resting in despair Judge me for who I am relieve me for what I am Remember me for what I was Forgive me for what I became Where shadows speak of memories I stand alone in my dark and lonely world surrounded by this cold embrace of temptation White bewinged angel of light tempts me to change my life come, come to me, she whispers longing eyes, she stares through my soul and mind wants me to become one of the light ah, serpent of lust and lie, where will my path go? Should I be tempted by the light or should I remain in darkness all alone, all alone..... Why all this sorrow, why all this confusion? I was one of thee, why am I left behind? Hate - fills my mind Sorrow - breeds my life But of those I choose, no one is sent out from you My way will be long, my road will be unknown path to eternity, eternity lasts forever light of day, day of darkness I will never be trustfull again.... I am not for you, I am not for those not for light, not for life Farewell to sunlit world on the dark side we will meet we will meet again after life... Time passes slowly I fade away, life drained what used to be, what could have been now I feel no pleasure, only pain I feed upon my fear of life trapped in agony and despair Anguish of the night I will meet you again on the other side...

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