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Versuri Journey To The End Of Night (Part I)

The wind is playing in the treetops the first nightstar glow weak and the lantern of sorrow gives its sad light to the darkest depths..... In my embrace I carry you towards your lonely resting place dressed in the colours of the night Your pale skin lights up the night I kiss your hand goodbye and lay you tenderfull down in your grave and dress your naked body with dust ah, my dear - what loss ah, my love - what desire Darkness of time surrounds my world Closing me out from life the long vail of sorrow lay around my pale neck and strangles me fragments of my actions, my mistakes, passes my blood shot eyes Dreams of your loss, my sorrow, cuts through my soul as I enter 5 years of misery, I kiss you farewell and enter the dark tomb with you... To death you lost, against darkness you struggle was short may the children of the night take your soul I wish you luck on your long travel, to the end of the night... Your loss will be remembered Your fall will be revenged

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